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Salmon pink colored shrimp fly on a #1 Mustad Tarpon Hook. Outstanding fiber movement draws a lot of strikes from anything that eats shrimps...and EVERYTHING eats shrimp. This is a Claus Ericson pattern adapted for tropical waters utilizing stronger, heavier hooks and tied to slowly sink. Being a handcrafted product using mostly natural materials, the flies will vary a bit. The body is counter wound with mono and the top "shell" coated with UV resin for added strength. This features a flashback (thanks to Kai at Nanko) that I hand cut so there is even more variations than usual between each fly. This is a variation of Claus Ericson's pattern utilizing a different back shell and creating a "tail" that makes the shrimp dart mostly upwards with every jerk. When fished behind a floater, if fished right, the fly will often splash the surface drawing attention of predators.


The underwater shot is one of my generic shrimp videos that show the shrimp's movement when retrieved.


I like to use a short, sweeping pull with the rod with a brief pause to let the fly sink a bit and allow the fibers to pulsate.


Shipping: FREE SHIPPING VIA USPS SURFACE MAIL ON ORDERS OVER $60.00!!! For orders less than $60.00, any number of lures can be shipped for $6.00 via USPS FIRST CLASS MAIL..

S1005 Darting Opae Salmon Pink colored Fly for GT, bonefish and others #1 Mustad

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