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Hot pink colored shrimp (really pops under UV light) fly on a #1 Mustad Tarpon Hook. Outstanding fiber movement draws a lot of strikes from anything that eats shrimps...and EVERYTHING eats shrimp. This is a Claus Ericson pattern adapted for tropical waters utilizing stronger, heavier hooks and tied to slowly sink. Being a handcrafted product using mostly natural materials, the flies will vary a bit. The body is counter wound with mono and the top "shell" coated with UV resin for added strength.


The video is one of my generic shirmp videos that show the shrimp's movement through the water.  


I like to use a short, sweeping pull with the rod with a brief pause to let the fly sink a bit and allow the fibers to pulsate.


Shipping: FREE SHIPPING VIA USPS SURFACE MAIL ON ORDERS OVER $60.00!!! For orders less than $60.00, any number of lures can be shipped for $6.00 via USPS FIRST CLASS MAIL.

S1003 Opae Hot Pink Fly Orange colored for GT, bonefish and others #2 Mustad hoo

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