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The exact fly pictured is what you're purchasing.  Classic Bob Popovics pattern, the versatile Hollow Fleye tied on a Gamakatsu SL12S  hook.  This pattern really pulsates when pulled through the water.  The body compresses then opens up when paused.  Lots of Ostrich herl for great movement.  Some shiny stuff for added attraction. Premium Jungle cock eyes.


First photo just out of the vise, second photo when wet.  The exact fly pictured is what you're purchasing.


Shipping: FREE SHIPPING VIA USPS SURFACE MAIL ON ORDERS OVER $60.00!!! For orders less than $60.00, any number of lures can be shipped for $6.00 via USPS FIRST CLASS MAIL.

H028 Hollow Fleye Gamakatsu SL12 3/0

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